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What are the hottest communication trends in 2022?

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New Business magazine asked 11 agency and company managers of the German communications industry what to look out for. Of course, audio is not to be missed. 🎧 🎶

Next to e-training with VR glasses, rapidly produced content on TikTok, shopping on social media platforms, or the Internet of Things, audio branding is one of the hottest topics in 2022.

Cornelius Ringe explains why:

Audio overload and the favor of listening

New digital technologies are making brand communication more interactive and immersive. As a result, the importance of classic advertising formats is decreasing, while the brand experience is moving into the focus of brand communication. Digitalization, voice assistance and artificial intelligence have led to a renaissance of the audio channel in recent years.

We are increasingly beginning to communicate intuitively and also humanely with electronic devices: We talk and listen to them. This is not only about spoken

texts, but also about sound design. Sound in communication must fulfil a function and have meaning – anything else would just be annoying noise.

More and more brands are becoming audible – not only in podcasts. All new media offer audio and there is no shortage of audio content. At the same time, the acoustic filters of the target groups are becoming more and more impermeable with the increasing audio overload. Brands that want to be heard by their target groups therefore need a holistic audio strategy to create brand experiences and gain the favor of listening. Making a brand audible is one thing. Making sure that it is also heard, is the other. The combination of both is called audio branding.

Source: new business Nr. 1-2/10.1.2022 / translation by WESOUND.