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Brand- and Eventsounds Medientage München

Confident and straightforward, that’s how Medientage München has sounded since 2019. And for us, it’s always a great pleasure when the client uses the brand and event sounds we’ve developed so consistently in all touchpoints, as Medientage has done since 2019 – on site at the event, in podcasts, audio commercials, videos, social media, etc..

This, and only this, creates a powerful acoustic brand experience! 🎶💪

This year, brand music, sound logo and generative soundscapes were joined by an energetic walk-on music for the main stage and intro film, composed and produced by our wonderful colleague Federico Truzzi.

The music literally draws the speakers onto the stage and the participants into its spell. The anticipation of the upcoming shared experience inevitably rises.

Thanks to Stefan Sutor, Kerstin Deixler, Marina Diemer and Medientage team for the inspiring collaboration.