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Sommunicate: Research project on the topic of UX sound


As the realm of UX design continues to evolve, the significance of UX sounds in brand communication is reaching new heights. More and more, sounds will play a pivotal role in shaping the user experience of interfaces, products, household devices, electronic gadgets, etc. 🔉🎶📱

But here’s the burning question: 🔥
How do we effectively communicate about it? Do we share a common understanding, and are we equipped with the right terms to articulate the acoustic design experience?

We’re very proud of our Creative Director Bernal Chaves who is part of an international expert focus group for the research project “Sommunicate”. Their task is to describe the communicative aims of UX sound design in the context of brand identity and to curate a list of approximately 50 adjectives that pinpoint the essential goals in brand identity communication.🎯

The project was initiated by the TU Berlin’s Audio Communication Group and the Berlin based Sound Innovation Lab. They will leverage the curated vocabulary, conducting consumer experiments to identify existing UX sounds that best encapsulate these brand identity facets.

Curious about the outcome? The results of this cutting-edge research will be submitted to the Journal of Marketing Management in Spring 2024, shedding light on the intersection of UX sound, brand identity, and consumer perception. 📚 Stay tuned for more updates!

A shoutout to the other focus group members and fellow UX experts from all over the world: Julian Maßmann from Studio Funk, Emma Rodero, Peter Spiegel, Joana Vieira, Sung Kim and a huge thank you to Steffen Lepa, Johannes Helberger, Tom Virkus and Annika Frommholz for initiating the project.