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What is Audio Branding?


Audio branding describes the process of making a brand audile. Audio has become more and more important for effective marketing use and brand appearance. In the future, an auditory unique selling point for the recognition of the brand is going to be a decisive component for success.

You have often heard about similar statements already, but you are still asking yourself what is the meaning behind terminology like Audio Branding, Sonic Branding, Sound Branding or Brand Sound? What needs to be considered? Where do you even start? Who can give me an advice? 

We have gathered some information, to answer your first questions straight away. In case of interest, we are happy to dig deeper into the topic with you and help you to understand the process of developing Brand Sound. It shows what potential Audio Branding has for brands and how different sounding brand elements are composed.  

One thing is for sure: Brand Sound has become an indispensable dimension of Customer Experience as we know it. And maybe clients don’t hear the strategy itself, but they hear the difference to having no strategy.  


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Brand Sound

Brand sound is the audible dimension of a brand identity. Like the visual brand design, the brand sound can be a compilation of multiple and diverse – yet audible – brand elements.  

In the following we have listed an overview of the most important aspects of Brand Sound:  

Sound Logo

The most popular element is the so-called ‘Sound Logo’, which is used, like the visual counterpart, as a sender signature. A good sound logo represents the brand in condensed form and triggers the listener’s expected associations within 0.5 to 3 seconds. You can work with many elements: Melody, rhythm, sounds, voice, language and so on.

Brand Music

Brand music can be used for the communication of more complex emotional concepts and generation of moods. In the past, a single piece of music was mostly used as a brand song or brand anthem to cover a longer timeline. But now, modern brand sound concepts rely more on a brand music library that consists of several pieces of music composed specifically for the brand. Brand music concepts, who rely on a bigger pool of musical pieces, own more flexibility and thus are more sustainable. Like the pictorial language of a brand, single pieces of music can convey different brand values or be intended for specific purposes. 

Brand Voice 

Whereas the brand signature in visual design carries the visual brand message, the ‘Brand Voice’ carries the aural brand message. Unlike the writing in visual branding, the human voice is by far one of the most emotional elements in brand sound. Nothing alike can reveal a person’s emotional state more clearly than his own voice. Nothing alike can move us more than the voices of others. Once derived from the brand personality and mobilized as a brand instrument, the brand voice can create a direct, emotional and – above all – authentic connection between brand and human. In the future, the brand voice will become even more essential for a customer relationship.  

Are you wondering what advantages Audio Branding has for your brand communication?  We differentiate between four various levels:  

Improving the accessibility of target groups: 

  • Overcoming the barriers of communication (e.g. second screen) 
  • Creating new brand contact-points (e.g. Podcast) 
  • Using new technology (e.g. smart speaker) 

Increasing the efficiency of communication: 

  • Creating a new consistent brand appearance 
  • Connecting the product experience with the brand communication 
  • Improving the Brand memory 
  • Increasing the brand value 

Differentiating the brand presence: 

  • Creating unique communication characteristics 
  • Establishing the auditive sender’s signature 

Strengthening the loyalty of costumers: 

  • Extending the multisensual experience of the product 
  • Supporting the emotional brand appearance  
  • Strengthening the implicit brand perception 


Did you gain interest to enter into the topic of Audio branding more deeply?

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