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06 Dec: Audio Deep Fake: How to protect ourselves from misuse?

Deep Fake is a fascinating technology. How should our society deal with technologies like this in the future? Thoughts from Cornelius Ringe about the responsibility that comes with innovative technology.

01 Dec: nextMedia.Hamburg: Predictions 2023

What makes Gen Z tick? And what impact does it have on brand communication? Birgit Elke took a closer look at the significance of audio branding for Gen Z.

18 Nov: Sound Design & Music for new film by Pinkstinks

The “School against Sexism” project was launched by Pinkstinks to provide educational work and give everyone the opportunity to ask their questions about gender roles, sexuality, feminism and sexism.


EV Zug – Audio Branding as part of a holistic brand strategy. The reigning Swiss ice hockey champions are sustainably enhancing their brand experience with audio branding.

09 Nov: HEALTHCARE MARKETING: Audio Branding tipps, trends and more

Part 5/5: In this final episode Cornelius Ringe explains what companies must look out for so that the sound becomes a part of the brand identity and creates added value.

02 Nov: HEALTHCARE MARKETING: Auditive Touchpoints, Sound Design and UX

Part 4/5: In medical technology, brand sound is becoming hugely significant for the design of the user experience, at the interface between humans and machines.