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Olympic Summer Games 2024: The Team D Brand Sound

For the Olympic Summer Games 2024, the brand sound of Team D is adorned with musical French nuances. As always, the acoustic and visual design concept is in harmony.

Client statement: Katja Oechel, Duden / Cornelsen Verlag

“This brand sound will accompany Duden into the future and pave the way for numerous new audio applications. We look forward to further audible collaboration with WESOUND.” Read the entire statement by Katja Oechel here.


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Casefilm “The Wake-Up Call” by Laut Gegen Nazis

Why we revived the disturbing voice of Adolf Hitler with AI.

Client statement: Ibrahim Can, EVZ Management AG

“Audio branding not only helps us to create multimedia content for the arena or our other digital media, but also gives us an additional asset for the future that we can share with our partners.”

Client statement: Katharina Rubbert, TARGOBANK

“Together with WESOUND, we have expanded our brand presence with another important component: the brand sound. It succinctly encapsulates the TARGOBANK personality acoustically: supportive, simple, and enthusiastic. (…)”

Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-08 um 11.29.12
Campaign launch: The Wake-Up Call

We’re proud to support the Wake-Up Call campaign by Laut gegen Nazis, standing united with colleagues from diverse sectors to defend democracy and uphold our shared values.

20240304_Lars Ohlendorf_Art_Style_Acoustic_Architecture
ART STYLE magazine: Next-level sound branding

Our Head of Design Lars Ohlendorf wrote an article for the international ART STYLE magazine about next-level sound branding and immersive brand experiences. You can download the entire article!

Client Statement Fabien Lubrano, Syngenta

“Great experience working with WESOUND! Creative, responsive leading to customer delight! I was the customer. 😉 Such a great team to collaborate with.” Client statement Fabien Lubrano, former) EAME Field Crops Seeds Marketing at SYNGENTA.

Podcast Marketing

Podcasts are booming. To shed light on the potential of “Podcast Marketing” from various perspectives, ESB has gathered voices from partners. Included is Birgit Elke, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at WESOUND.

Client statement: Ellen Meister, Cornelsen Verlag

“I have the unique task of managing the development of the Interactive Soundspace (ISS) as well as its implementation for the Cornelsen brand.” Read the entire statement by our client Ellen Meister, Cornelsen Verlag here.