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HEALTHCARE MARKETING: Audio Branding tipps, trends and more


Attention brand management!

Audio brandinfg tipps, trends and more

Healthcare Marketing: What must companies look out for so that the sound becomes a part of the brand identity and creates added value?

Cornelius Ringe: Audio branding is not a one-off project with a discreet end. It is an ongoing element of brand management. After the brand sound has been implemented, it has to be continuously maintained and managed. Problems with use have to be systematically registered, solved and documented for further development. This is the only way to create added value for the brand in different channels in the longer term. Larger companies should seek out a sound agency as a long-term partner. The return on investment through higher performance and cost optimisation needs to be checked regularly. Those in charge will be amazed by what is possible. A recent Ipsos study in the USA showed that commercials with brand sound assets have an eight-and-a-half-fold chance of successful brand awareness than those without brand sound. Similar results were shown last year in a study of the AS&S [ARD Sales & Services, who market advertising in public service broadcasting in Germany]. With such impressive results, every controller should check if the budgets for brand communication are being employed efficiently. I can’t imagine that these figures can be ignored.

Healthcare Marketing: What role does audio play in a company’s corporate guidelines?

Cornelius Ringe: Good brand design guidelines for users have to be clear and simple assistance for the creation of brand experience. Without such guidelines it’s almost impossible to ensure a strong, consistent brand presence across larger teams and periods. The German Football League DFL already had brand sound assets when they asked Wesound to develop a clear brand sound strategy and user-friendly guidelines. Sometimes brand sound can already be improved on paper.

Healthcare Marketing: What mistakes should advertisers avoid when they approach the subject of audio branding?

Cornelius Ringe: For an audio branding process, there should definitely be sufficient time and resources available, and all relevant stakeholders should be on board from square one. Above all, they should work with experienced audio branding agencies. That is still the best insurance against possible mistakes.

Healthcare Marketing: The audio universe continues to grow – what is particularly in demand from your clients at the moment?

Cornelius Ringe: For the last years or so we’ve registered an increasing number of enquiries about initial orientation workshops. This shows that many of those responsible for brands have recognized the significance of the subject for the future, but would first like to get an overview. We welcome this development, because it’s a good, quick instrument for defining a brand’s exact needs and requirements when it comes to a brand sound.

Healthcare Marketing: A propos the future: How will companies and brands make people aware of themselves in a loud world?

Cornelius Ringe: We should all work towards the world not sounding louder, but better, thanks to better sound concepts. Brand sound doesn’t mean that still more sound emanates from brands, but that their sounds are created more consciously and in a more targeted manner. Brand sound is a question of getting the tone right.

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HEALTHCARE MARKETING – Das Fachmagazin für Gesundheitsmarken
Interview: Anna Jäger
No. 10/October 2020, Issue 15, Pages 40-43
New Business Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg.

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