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New Dimensions in Audio with AI


“With audio AI, the emphasis shifts from the tools themselves to innovative strategies founded on new, hitherto non-existent opportunities. By harmonizing a realistic set of expectations with technical acumen and inventive strategies, we can forge the path for a judicious integration of audio AI into the domain of corporate communication and the sphere of brand experiences.

This necessitates the collaboration of interdisciplinary teams: it is insufficient for merely the Branding Department and Design to convene; it requires the inclusion of all potentially affected departments and individuals—this approach is vital to avoid the streetlight effect, that is, the propensity to search for solutions only within the comfort zone of familiar territory.

If this endeavor proves successful, then a plethora of new communication modalities, personalized engagements, and immersive experiences await: for the inquisitive and pioneering brands that are now poised to pose the right questions.”

@Lars Ohlendorf, Head of Design, WESOUND

You can read the full article “Why strategy matters when it comes to brand communication” here.