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As a creative agency, we follow the approach of design thinking. Our work is human-centred and aims to deliver sustainable results. For this reason, we are committed to accessibility, inclusion, diversity, female empowerment and acoustic ecology. This is not altruism, but our source of motivation and inspiration. In numerous projects around these topics, some of which are pro bono, we are always able to gain valuable experience that helps us advance both professionally and humanly. Some examples are
Sonic UX design for hearing aids
Sonic UX design for senior tablets
Technical support of family audio book
Development of accessible products and services for blind and visually impaired people
Girls’ Day, Diversity and Female Empowerment campaigns
Research & Development for Promoting Health in Urban Environments

WESOUND is supporting Plan International in projects for girls and young women in developing countries.

We are always happy to receive new ideas, exciting collaborations and constructive feedback.