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Road to the first Briefing


Audio branding begins with the development of a brand sound and then continues to the ongoing management of the application and further development, as musical taste and ideas of sound aesthetics change over time.

That means, that if a brand exists, the work on its sound must endure. A modern understanding of audio branding does not function in terms of static concepts, but rather in flexible design corridors of an agile brand sound. Instead of a constant repetition of annoying earwigs, it is important to work out what makes the brand sound unique and proprietary. It’s more about principles of design than about compositions. These should be manifested in an easily accessible brand sound guideline to support users and developers pursuing their daily work.

Brand sound is derived and developed directly from the brand identity. It doesn’t need to be invented but needs to be figured out – a process that basically corresponds to classic coaching methods and should therefore be accompanied by external consultants. Specialized audio branding agencies offer not only advice but also creation, production and support during implementation. Before initiating the search for a suitable agency, the project must be prepared accordingly. It should be ensured that all relevant stakeholders are involved as early as possible and that budget and time are planned realistically. When planning the budget, it should be kept in mind that, in addition to agency fees, licenses for the usage rights will fall due.

The development of a first brand sound may take between 3 to 6 months. More complex brand sound developments may easily take over a year. Brand development is teamwork and at the same time a top priority. The managing directors always take responsibility and have last say.

After familiarization with the topic, it is important to write a briefing that is as accurate as possible.

Excerpt 4/6 from RADIOZENTRALE’s Audio Branding Guide.
Author: Cornelius Ringe.

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