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The Potential of Audio Branding


For a modern brand management in the digital era of parallel media usage brand sound is not optional anymore, but has become a mandatory dimension of customer experience. The capability of audio branding is summarized as follows:

Better reaching of target groups

  • Surpassing communication barriers (e.g. Second Screen)
  • Creating new brand contact points (e.g. Podcast)
  • Use of new media (e.g. Smart Speaker)

Increased efficiency in communication

  • Establishment of a consistent brand identity
  • Connection of product experience to brand communication
  • Optimization of brand recall
  • Increase of brand value

Differenciate brand experience

  • Creation of unique communication characteristics
  • Establishment of an aural sender signature

Improvement of customer loyalty

  • Extension of a multi-sensual product experience
  • Reinforcement of emotional brand appearance
  • Strengthening implicit brand awareness

Where, when and how humans are communicating with brands is changing. Brand communication will become more interactive, individual and especially more focused on listening. It is taking over the most important form of communication the human has: Listening and speaking. New developments, such as digital voice assistant systems, catalyse the revolution.

Only thoughtfully designed acoustic brands can remain in this totally new kind of a pit fight.

You cannot get to an audible brand identity by generically spoken text. Only those brands are well prepared, that own a clearly defined brand sound backed by strategy and have a comprehensive amount of sound assets.

Excerpt 2/6 from RADIOZENTRALE’s Audio Branding Guide.
Author: Cornelius Ringe.

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